Women And Children’s Empowerment Network in Africa – WACENA was established in 2008 as an interdenominational humanitarian organization to promote gender-equality. WACENA is a registered CBO in Uganda, East Africa primarily led by women. The core function of the organization is to empower women and girls in Africa in education, social development and economic independence.

WACENA engages in a broad scope of activities including development of personal talent in girls and participation in eco-friendly projects of reforestation and protection of local tree species. Christian discipleship and outreach programs that promote wellness, evangelism, deliverance from unhealthy habits, personal fitness and worship are always encouraged and embraced within the organization.

WACENA sponsors and educates girls in a nurturing and supportive environment and promotes artistic development through music, dance and drama programs. We also help create various small business opportunities for local women striving to achieve economic independence via community supported ventures.

For decades the founders of WACENA have witnessed women who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds in local communities successfully rely on their own creativity, perseverance and fortitude to provide for their families and even achieve a decent income in some instances. By lifting women and girls out of poverty and away from culturally gender-discriminating circumstances, WACENA is doing its part leading the way in Uganda/Africa to a more prosperous world.

“We are champions…” -WACENA girl 2023

Bloom Uganda/Africa Chapter

The entire WACENA family has been humbled and blessed beyond measure by the courageous and proactive efforts of Bloom Nation and their ongoing work to help WACENA provide for and educate girls in Uganda.  LEARN MORE:

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  • Feed 1 girl for 7 days
  • Buy her soap for 1 month
  • Buy her feminine & other hygiene supplies for 3 months


  • Feed 2 girls for 7 days
  • Buy for both girls soap for 1 month
  • Buy for both girls feminine & other hygiene supplies for 3 months
  • Transport both girls to and from school by bus for 1 month


  • Feed 2 girls for 7 days
  • Buy for both girls soap for 1 month
  • Buy for both girls feminine & other hygiene supplies for 3 months
  • Provide for both girls necessary school supplies for one semester
  • Provide for both girls complete sets of academic uniforms (1 year of use)
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WACENA Ambassador USA - Rikka K Woods
Rikka K. Woods



With the financial support of our partners WACENA has installed and maintains two wells within its operation. The first well supplies water for Busoga Junior School in all of its functions. The second for the local community surrounding the school. Learn how the combination of these separate wells in the community directly contribute to the education of girls and longterm promotion of gender equality in Uganda.


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