Bloom & Flourish Uganda/Africa Chapter

BLOOM - Always Becoming

BLOOM – Always Becoming

New Port News Public Schools initiative, Bloom Nation – changing the world.

Since WACENA was chosen as beneficiary of the 2019 Bloom Girls Empowerment Program – World Changer Project the lives of numerous girls under WACENA’s care have been impacted regarding their access to and preparation for education.

WACENA is forever in gratitude and admiration of the Bloom Nation Students and Staff who have taken ownership of the fate of the dear girls we protect and empower.

A lack of proper hygiene supplies is a real problem that effects many girls throughout Africa with their ability to consistently attend school without interruption during each month. WACENA has been active to remedy this barrier to education for girls in Uganda for years.

By the support of Bloom Nation nearly 1,500 girls have been provided personal hygiene supplies and food for a two year period. Refurbished laptops were donated by Bloom to help WACENA bridge across a “wide ravine” and begin introducing WACENA girls to developing computer skills.

Out of the New Port News Public Schools outreach has evolved Bloom & Flourish Uganda/Africa Chapter, an ongoing partnership to ensure that girls under WACENA’s care have access to and preparedness for their education.

The Bloom & Flourish Uganda/Africa Chapter emulates the mission of Bloom-USA which is to empower girls to become global leaders. The Chapter’s growth and sustainability depend on support from selfless individuals around the world with core values in the education and empowerment of girls, and specifically those individuals and institutions who are also members of the Newport News Public Schools community in Virginia.

Plans are underway to start conducting monthly Girls’ Empowerment online workshops. Over 650 girls from various High Schools in Uganda are currently registered to participate. WACENA has obtained conference videos from Bloom USA for the purpose of empowering girls in Uganda/Africa to initiate this program.

WACENA Girls in Uganda With Gifts from Bloom-USA.