Rikka K. Woods, WACENA Ambassador - USA

Rikka K. Woods, WACENA Ambassador in the USA

Popularly known across social media as Ok Kay Kay, Rikka K. Woods has joined WACENA as Ambassador in the USA.

Motivated by firsthand exposure to human trafficking at the hands of ex partners, Rikka brings a lifetime of wisdom and experience driven compassion for survivors, as well as educative prevention expertise to help arm unnumbered youths in the world with skills of prevention, placing a special focus on equipping girls in Africa.

Having overcome the adversity of a lifetime of abuse, including domestic violence and sexual trauma from an early age, Rikka has the unique ability to connect with others around the world who’ve suffered the same abuse, regardless of race or language. In her ambassadorial capacity, Rikka will help others navigate the path of healing as she strives to bring an end to the practice of enslavement of the less fortunate exposed throughout the world, as these dangers are not bound by continents or socioeconomic status.

Rikka is a mother and a marketer by profession. She is also autistic and someone who has survived a world that didn’t understand her while enduring countless tragedies. Her goal is to raise awareness through WACENA of how uniquely vulnerable autistics are to manipulation tactics commonly known to and used by predators.

Similarly, she holds a core purpose of creating an international network of resources to combat human trafficking on multiple fronts. Rikka understands that only through collaboration and a common vision can we successfully abate and eventually bring an end to the abuse of women and children everywhere.

Overcome Heal Empower

Rikka’s partnership and service with WACENA is a purpose deeply personal, as she has overcome many obstacles to survive her history of abuse and get this far.

She thanks God for every breath in full appreciation that she almost didn’t make it. With first hand knowledge of the complexities affecting vulnerable autistic children and adults, Rikka fights fearlessly against any form of injustice surrounding autism and her mission is to educate where there is a void of understanding of these phenomena.

Rikka lives by the Golden Rule: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. Believing there’s never an excuse for cruelty, she strives to be the support for others that she never had. Her hope is that those she impacts will continue forward to help others. “Together, we are strong,” is Rikka’s battle cry. She shouts from the mountain tops, sounding the alarm, that many are suffering horrible things hidden in the shadows of darkness, and how this must end.

Interested fellow advocates in the USA and Canada who wish to take part as volunteers, investors, partners or sponsors can contact Rikka directly or via the WACENA.org Contact Form.